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ITEM# : LL-26L
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1. Epic Battles, Private Battlefields...
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2. The Competitive Mind...
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3. Now We Know...
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4. The Battle Within...
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5. One Three...
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6. The Cruciform Mind...
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7. Crosswords...
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8. Promise of an End...
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  • Lichtenwalter, Larry

Quick Overview

We are in an epic battle that has engulfed our planet--financially, politically, and spiritually. In this series you will learn how "Heart Wars" have to do with much more than truth and error. As the great controversy unfolds in every aspect of our lives, the "Heart Wars" have invaded our homes, our churches, and our marriages bringing strife, brokenness, and sorrow.

"God would have His servants become acquainted with the moral machinery of their own hearts." 4T85
For that reason, "Heart Wars" is a most important series for the understanding of the personal battles that will be reality within our hearts in the great controversy. You will experience a revolutionary "vision" of what God desires for each of us in our walk with Him and our personal destiny.


1. Epic Battles, Private Battlefields
The "great controversy" has to do with issues of the heart and relationships. The spirit of rivalry, competition, opposition, and tension breaking out into a conflict began in heaven. How is this now the sophistry and delusion of the enemy in these times?

2. The Competitive Mind
The competitive mind is the mind of someone who wants to be better than others, stirring the spirit of rivalry. This presentation includes a study of something that began in the heart of Lucifer. How does this spirit then become a battle of the wills in our homes, churches, and marriages?

3. Now We Know
The Garden story of Eve introduced knowledge never intended to be known. Throughout the book of Genesis, the stories continue to reveal the reality of disasters caused by enmity and rivalry. But you will also discover God's enmity expressed in Genesis. How can this bring hope in the destiny of our personal "heart wars"?

4. The Battle Within
Galations 5:17 describes the "Heart War" that is within each of us revealing the great controversy that is played out in the geography of our hearts. That battle within is a lifelong conflict that either puts us at war with God or at peace with Him. How can you experience the rivalry of peace in this battle and win?

5. One Three
Has there ever been an example of where no rivalry exists, never has, and never will? Even though this is a mystery, it does exist in the Triune God. How can we relate to John 17 where Jesus prayed that we would be one as they are one. What can this mean to us as we are introduced to a deeper meaning of God's divine goodness in this presentation?

6. The Cruciform Mind
The master story of Philippians chapter 2 is asking us to put on the mind of Christ. Learn from the "crucified" one who releases His rights and empties Himself in humbleness that is beyond understanding. Consider what it means to have a mind shaped by the cross and a cross-formed life. Is there any other way for the people of God to live?

7. Cross Words
Do you understand what it means to be a principal player in the battleground of the great controversy, not only determining your own destiny, but also the destiny of others. Consider that the weapon of choice in the great controversy is "words." Is there a danger that our words can be demonic and the voice of Lucifer? Is it possible to grieve the Holy Spirit by the way we speak? Find the answers in this study.

8. Rumor and Promise of an End
In a world of brokenness, strife,rivalry, and sorrow, God has a plan of reconciliation for the redeemed from every tribe and nation. Discover the part the Tree of Life will play in this plan--a tree whose leaves are for the healing of the nations?

Additional Information

Topic Christian Growth, Deceptions, Issues and Answers, Revival/Reformation
Speaker Name Lichtenwalter, Larry
Media Format Download (MP3)