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ROMANS -  God's Revelation of Righteousness

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1. Guilty Before God...
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2. God's Righteous Judgment...
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3. God's Faithfulness...
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4. Righteousness Through Faith...
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5. Peace and Joy...
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ROMANS - God's Revelation of Righteousness

  • Holmes, C. Raymond

Quick Overview

Why study the book of Romans? No other portion of the Bible has had such a powerful widespread influence upon the Christian church in the understanding of the gospel of grace--to understand the reasons and promise of the reformation, and to understand the focus on Christ our Righteousness.  
The theme of the letter is Paul's passion with righteousness, what it is, how to get it, and how to live it.  Paul begins the letter with doctrine and truth and ends showing that the correct understanding of the gospel is demonstrated by correct lifestyle.


Seminar Session 1:  Introduction and Overview 

Seminar Session 2: God's Righteous Judgment

Seminar Session 3: God's Faithfulness

Seminar Session 4: Righteousness Through Faith

Seminar Session 5: Peace and Joy


Additional Information

Topic Books of the Bible Studies, Righteousness by Faith
Speaker Name Holmes, C. Raymond
Media Format Download (MP3)