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  • Neri, Peter

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"At this time--the last days of earth's history--we are to make the book of Revelation a special study. Why? Because it depicts the scenes we are to meet. We need to understand what we are to meet, and how to meet it. We must know what efforts we are to make, so that in this perilous time we shall not be taken by the enemy's devices." EGW UL 152

Discover the spiritual meaning of the number seven as it is revealed in the book of Revelation. You will be amazed!


1. 1 Seven, 2 Sevens, 3 Sevens...
2. The Seven Beatitudes
3. The Seven Churches
4. The Seven Persecuting Powers
5. The Seven Seals
6. The Seven Trumpets
7. The Seven Last Plagues
8. The Lamb's Book of Life

Album of 4 digitally recorded CDs

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, Books of the Bible Studies, End Times
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format CD Albums