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REVELATION SPEAKS - Bible Prophecy Seminar

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REVELATION SPEAKS - Bible Prophecy Seminar

  • Asscherick, David C.

Quick Overview

Do you know what you believe, and do you know how to share it from the Bible?

This is a Bible Prophecy Seminar that will establish and revitalize your beliefs in pure Biblical truths in a way that will amaze you as you listen and study. Let these powerful presentations by David Asscherick impact your spiritual life!


1. What Does the Future Hold?
2. The End of the World - Is It Here, Near, or Mere Fear?
3. Revelation's Answer for Human Suffering
4. Revelation 12: The Greatest Battle Ever Fought
5. Revelation's Weapon: The Fulcrum of the Ages
6. Revelation's Antichrist Exposed - Part I
7. Revelation's Antichrist Exposed - Part II
8. Revelation's Battlefield: The Rock That Will Not Roll - Part I
9. Be Not Deceived: A How-to-Guide
10. Revelation's Battlefield: Forgetting To Remember - Part II
11. Revelation's Rapture and Reward
12. Revelation's Temple: A Closer Look - Part I
13. Revelation's Temple: A Closer Look - Part II
14. Revelation's Temple: A Closer Look - Part III
15. Revelation's Resurrection: The Good News About Death
16. Revelation's Millennium: The Good News About the Devil
17. Revelation's Lake of Fire: The Good News About Hell
18. Revelation's Lifestyle: The Good News About Health
19. Revelation's Lamb-like Beast
20. Revelation's Warning: The Mark of the Beast
21. Revelations' Rebirth and Renewal
22. Revelation's Lady in Red
23. Revelation's Lady in White
24. Revelation 10 and the Bittersweet Book
25. The Unpardonable Sin
26. All Eyes on Israel
27. How To Know God's Will in Your Life
28. The Last Message

Total of 28 digitally recorded CDs packaged in 2 albums

Additional Information

Topic Books of the Bible Studies, Christian Beliefs, Evangelism
Speaker Name Asscherick, David C.
Media Format CD Albums