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ITEM# : LH-47L
ITEM# : LH-47L
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0_1. Salvation is of the Lord...
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0_2. Faith and Salvation...
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0_3. Back Down to Two Letters...
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0_4. Galatian Freedom in the Gospel...
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0_5. Confrontation...
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0_6. Apostasy in Galatia...
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0_7. Needy Readers of James...
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0_8. Justification in Galatians and James...
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0_9. No Justification by Law...
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10. Purpose of the Law...
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11. Led by the Spirit...
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12. The Joy of Being Spirit Led...
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13. Christian Fruit Bearing...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

A study of the plan of salvation and relationships in Galatians and James.

Commentary on the perceptions of two different biblical writers: Considering faith in Galatians and works in James. You will discover the themes of salvation from these two perspectives to build a deeper biblical understanding of the relationship of faith and works.


1. Salvation is of the Lord
2. Faith and Salvation
3. Back Down to Two Letters
4. Galatian Freedom in the Gospel
5. Confrontation
6. Apostasy in Galatia
7. Needy Readers of James
8. Justification in Galatians and James
9. No Justification by Law
10. Purpose of the Law
11. Led by the Spirit
12. The Joy of Being Spirit Led
13. Christian Fruit Bearing


Additional Information

Topic Grace/Law, Legacy Collection
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)