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ITEM# : LH-44L
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0_1. Introduction...
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0_2. The Blessings of the Believer...
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0_3. The Praying Apostle...
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0_4. From Death to Life...
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0_5. One Building, One Cornerstone...
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0_6. Paul's Commission...
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0_7. Unity and Outgrowth of Love...
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0_8. Unity, the Fruitage of Spiritual Gifts...
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0_9. The New and the Old Contrasted...
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10. Light and Darkness Contrasted...
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11. The United Home Helps to Make an United Church...
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12. Everyday Christianity...
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13. Strong in the Lord...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

Leslie Hardinge's Scripture Studies Collection

Paul addresses a group of leaders who were former Gentiles who had come from all kinds of heathen philosophies, practices, and rituals--to help them to come into a state of unity with the believers. They had begun to forget and slip in their commitment, so he reminds them of the faith they once had urging them to remember that each in his own sphere was called to live according to the principles of the Gospel for the unity of the believers.

Paul's letter to the Ephesians is special counsel for followers of Christ in this the 21st century as well. Listen and learn why!


1. Introduction
2. The Blessings of the Believer
3. The Praying Apostle
4. From Death to Life
5. One Building, One Cornerstone
6. Paul's Commission
7. Unity and Outgrowth of Love
8. Unity, the Fruitage of Spiritual Gifts
9. The New and the Old Contrasted
10. Light and Darkness Contrasted
11. The United Home Helps to Make an United Church
12. Everyday Christianity
13. Strong in the Lord


Additional Information

Topic Books of the Bible Studies, Legacy Collection
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)