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ABOVE ALL - Hebrews for Today!

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ABOVE ALL - Hebrews for Today!

  • Lichtenwalter, Larry

Quick Overview

Written when the fear of persecution was a grim reality during the 1st Century, the message of the book of Hebrews is for all who are struggling with living by faith while experiencing reality.

Discover what Hebrews portrays in the context of the 21st Century when there are no absolutes--a time when many are turning to something else because Jesus is not enough, because Christianity doesn't seem to work in today's world.

This is why the study of Hebrews is so relevant for today--to discover why Jesus is "Above All!"


1. The Last Word
God exists and God has spoken in the past. Yet He also speaks today, and this implies the need of hearing. What do you think of Jesus?

2. He Wins
Why is Jesus "Above All" and how is He "Above All?" Consider that every enemy will be defeated and according to Hebrews 1, Jesus will be the last one standing.

3. Pay Attention
What kind of issues of distractions are holding your attention today? Paying attention can be a life or death matter--what must attract our attention as indicated in Chapter 2?

4. I Don't Know
Will you go out without knowing? Consider those who were willing in Chapter 11 and others who are willing to go out in today's world as well. How is the Christian life of faith one of "not knowing"?

5. In My Line of Vision
Discover God's intent and awesome vision He has for us in Hebrews 2:8. How can that be so different from the reality we are experiencing and observing--the international crises, social crises, individual crises, family crises? Why? Find the answer!

6. Like Us, for Us, with Us
In Hebrews Chapter 3, the gospel progression is built around our needs. In the pain of failure, guilt and shame, temptation, and tragedy there is One Who can help. This presentation shows why you can believe Jesus is able!

7. The Most Important Day of My Life
The importance of today--the vision in the Bible that we live in the last days. If you hear His voice, do not harden your heart! Do you desire to hear God's voice; consider the warning against an evil, unbelieving heart in Hebrews 3.

8. Sabbath of the Soul
In Hebrews Chapter 4 you will find a Sabbath-like rest for the people of God--a rest that we are to diligently enter into, a rest of gospel grace, an experience with Jesus. Discover how to find this rest, God's rest.

9. Between My Soul and Spirit
How can you divide between the Soul and the Spirit? Consider how the Word of God can get inside of us--soul surgery on the deepest level of our being taking us face to face with God. Discover from Hebrews 4:13 what can happen in our lives when God reveals the living Christ, the living Priest, and His living words.

10.Into His Presence
We know that God can hear the "Babel" of the confusion of all our languages. Hebrews 4:16 describes our Savior's throne of grace for all peoples. How does this introduce us to the heavenly sanctuary and the great hope we have in Jesus?

Learn how Jesus meets all the qualifications of the high priestly position as described in Hebrews 5:1-10. Why can we come before Him with confidence and great joy?

12.Next Year in Jerusalem
Hebrews 12:22-24 speaks of Mount Zion and the heavenly Jerusalem. Reflections on a recent visit to the Holy Land and the sharing of this experience will bring a yearning for the New Jerusalem and the City of the Living God.

How much do you want to know about Jesus, or are we dull of hearing with a shallow view as described in Hebrews 5:11? Moving from the "milk" of the Word to solid food determines our maturity and the functioning of our moral compass. What does it mean to become a "discipler?"

14.Spirit-Empowered Living
When studying Hebrews 6 the question to ask is, "Are you converted and how do you describe conversion?" Take note of the four impossibilities in this chapter. Why is it beneficial to remember where you have been?

15.The Anchor of the Soul
Hope is like an anchor that enters within the veil before God. The 1st Century Christians were confronted with great difficulties in need of the power of hope. These challenges are real in today's world as well. Are you ready to die in hope? You will find fullness of hope, the anchor, in Hebrews 6:11-20.

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Topic Books of the Bible Studies, God's Compassion/Mercy, Grace
Speaker Name Lichtenwalter, Larry
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