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BREAKING THE CODE. . . Heaven's Final Message

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ITEM# : LW-44L
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1. Prophecy and Our Future...
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2. Heaven's Final Message to an End-Time World...
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3. Breaking the Code in the Great Controversy...
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4. A Trip Forward in Time...
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BREAKING THE CODE. . . Heaven's Final Message

  • Walton, Lewis

Quick Overview

"We are standing on the threshold of great and solemn events. Prophecies are fulfilling. The last great conflict will be short, but terrible. Old controversies will be revived. New controversies will arise. We have a great work to do...The last warnings must be given to the world. There is a special power in the presentation of the truth at the present time. How long will it last? Only a little while..." 3SM419


1. Prophecy and Our Future
The outcome of Bible prophecy indicates that the "Lamb shall overcome." This is good news for anyone who has studied the prophecies spoken by Jesus, Daniel, and also John in the book of Revelation that predict times of trouble such as never was since there was a nation. Allow these revealed future crises that bring fear to men's hearts to be warnings to drive us to our great need to be in God's Word and learn more of the "Lamb Who shall overcome."

2. Heaven's Final Message to an End Time World
Who are these end-time messengers sent from heaven? You will find how to identify these messengers in Revelation 12:17 with further identification in Revelation 19:10. Learn how, why, and who the prophets are who were chosen to herald special events throughout the ages including the Second Advent. Even though there are critics, you will discover how and why Ellen White is a true end-time prophet with the gift of prophecy.

3. Breaking the Code in the Great Controversy
A rescue mission is needed for us to escape this corrupt world, and we have been provided with the enemy code to see us through the closing moments here on earth. Discover how God has provided. Learn to recognize the signposts on the way home. Consider looking to the Mighty Conqueror instead of the corruption found in "Hollywood" and you will sing the song of victory for "Worthy is the Lamb."

4. A Trip Forward in Time
Angel's messages that, like a stairway, lead upward--a good-news plan on how to get safely from here to there with special advice for people just before Jesus returns.You will experience these messages of Revelation 14 as viewed through the graphic depiction of Jesus on the cross. These are heaven's messages to a dying world--messages for you and me! So, Keep Watch!

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Topic Bible Prophecy, End Times, Jesus/Calvary, Redemption
Speaker Name Walton, Lewis
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