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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

In this provocative and inspiring book, Dr. Hardinge will expand your understanding of Revelation 21 as you explore the relationship of the breastplate stones to the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem and the foundation stones with the designated tribe of Israel and the twelve apostles.

Here are presented meditations of Jewels on the High Priest's Breastplate, the Gates and Foundations of the New Jerusalem.


Leslie Hardinge, a deep student of the Scriptures and a master at drawing spiritual lessons, has done it once again!

Each gem in the high priest's breastplate, engraved with the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, is unique to its origin and formation. Dr. Hardinge deftly uses this information to picture the characteristics of the patriarchs and the spiritual truths we can learn from their defeats and triumphs. Likewise, each apostle is partnered with the appropriate patriarch as to spiritual experience and character.

Learn how every person saved in the Kingdom of Heaven will have progressed along the road of discipline that the patriarchs and the apostles traveled. 

Discover how you, too, if faithful will pass through a designated gate as determined by your character and your own miracle of transformation. 

300-Page Softcover Book

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Topic Bible Characters, God's Compassion/Mercy, Legacy Collection, Revival/Reformation
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Book