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AMBASSADORS--Studies on the 13 Apostles

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AMBASSADORS--Studies on the 13 Apostles

  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

Every soul saved through the ministry of the Spirit can find a counterpart in one of the Apostles. They are an exhibit of what God can do for sinners.

The author, Dr. Leslie Hardinge, may rightly be remembered as the "ultimate Bible student." He seemed to take uncommon delight in solving the most perplexing segments of the Word of God. Enjoy his deep insights into the lives of the 13 Apostles as he paints a portrait of each one for you to picture and to understand.


1) SIMON STONE -- The Fisherman
2) ANDREW -- Peter's Brother
3) JAMES --Son of Thunder
4) JOHN -- Christ's Favorite
5) PHILIP -- Plodder
6) NATHANAEL -- An Israelite Indeed!
7) THOMAS -- Doubting Twin
8) MATTHEW -- Tax Man
9) JAMES -- Little Man
10) JUDE -- Older Brother
11) SIMON ZELOTES -- Guerrilla Fighter
12) JUDAS -- Traitor
13) MATTHIAS -- Second Fiddle

176 page softcover book

Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters, God's Compassion/Mercy, Legacy Collection
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Book