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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

Since we have Jesus as our Saviour, why should we study the Mosaic Sanctuary, anyway?
Is there really an investigative judgment?
Is there a Sanctuary in Heaven?

In this book, Dr. Hardinge suggests compelling answers and provides detailed evidence to support them. Learn more than theological facts and symbols in this most complete study of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries. Your journey with Jesus through the Sanctuary will invigorate your love for Who He is, what He has accomplished, and what He is doing today for your salvation.


The Sections of the Book Include:
1. With Jesus in the Camp
2. With Jesus in the Court
3. With Jesus in the Holy Place
4. With Jesus in His Most Holy Place
5. With Jesus My Priest
6. With Jesus on Calvary
7. With Jesus in Life's Cycles
8. With Jesus in Holy Living
9. With Jesus in the Great Assize

With this book in your hands, begin your walk with Jesus in His sanctuary. It is not only a book of theological facts and symbols, but one that will help you grow more like their Pattern, and love Him for what He is, what He has accomplished, and what He
is doing today.

***This format is intended for use on popular eBook readers such as Kindle and Nook.

Additional Information

Topic Legacy Collection, Sanctuary Studies
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Ebook