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1. The Face Behind the Veil...
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2. Champion of Love...
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3. Rebuilding the Walls...
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4. The Smitten Rock...
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5. Highway to the Upper Room...
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  • Pacleb, Taj

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"All heaven is astir, engaged in preparing for the day of God’s vengeance, the day of Zion’s deliverance. The time of tarrying is almost ended. The pilgrims and strangers who have so long been seeking a better country are almost home. I feel as if I must cry aloud, Homeward bound! Rapidly we are nearing the time when Christ will come to gather His redeemed to Himself."—The Review and Herald, November 13, 1913. { Ev 219.4}


1. The Face Behind the Veil

2. Champion of Love

3. Rebuilding the Walls

4. The Smitten rock

5. Highway to the Upper Room

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Speaker Name Pacleb, Taj
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