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American Christian Ministries: A Brief Biography
        (Also known as American Cassette Ministries)

This is the profile of a family and a ministry--an ordinary family, the Newhart family, that was directed by God to begin a ministry. This brief biography simply shows how the Lord can use ordinary people to accomplish his tasks if they are willing to make the necessary sacrifice and commitment in time, talent and means to get the job accomplished.

In 1975 while working at his desk in the Engineering Dept. of Bell of Pennsylvania the Lord spoke directly to Al’s mind for nearly two hours in regard to starting this ministry. At that time the three angels depicted in the ACM logo were given him by the Lord. Right after that incident he went to a Christian artist who, after three weeks, managed to get these three angels from Al’s mind’s eye on to paper just as the Lord had given them.

Not long after this he was sitting in his office one day kind of dejected saying to the Lord in his mind: "Lord, you got me started in this, now how is anyone going to find out about it and what about speakers?" His phone rang and on the other end a voice said: "My name is Emilio Knechtle, General Conference World Revivalist, would you do my tapes?"

Of course this was a direct answer to prayer and thus began ACM’s long and continuing relationship with a most outstanding Christian. Al and his son, Alan, have had the opportunity to travel with Emilio both in this country and overseas.

For the first five years the Newhart home was the headquarters of ACM. With five children in a small home they began to learn the meaning of personal and family sacrifice. It wasn’t long until they were out of space in the basement and had to utilize the main living quarters. The dining room table had to be moved aside to make room for their first computer. The family found themselves living in a virtual factory but there were no complaints. What little means they had was poured into this ministry and their personal car was worn out doing the work of the ministry.

In 1982, after spending 32 years as an engineer with Bell of Pennsylvania, Al took an early retirement and a reduced pension so that he could devote fulltime to ACM in a special donated office space in Harrisburg. Sacrifice, commitment and the spirit of service has been the hallmark of the Newhart family and this international lay ministry, and through the years it has reached many thousands of people each year with the genuine gospel of the Three Angels Messages.

Rosemarie Newhart, wife of founder Al Newhart, passed to her rest on March 27, 1996, after working side-by-side with him in this ministry for 21 years, both as unpaid volunteers. Cathy Newhart, the oldest daughter, who worked and traveled for ACM for many years was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and passed to her rest on August 28, 2006.  They both await the first resurrection at which time they will meet thousands from all parts of the world who have benefited from their personal sacrifice and commitment to spreading genuine life-changing Adventism throughout the world.

Later, Al married the former Marion Streidl whose husband had passed away six months before Al’s first wife. Marion taught all five of Al’s children at Blue Mountain Academy and her deceased husband, Harold, taught two of the children, Alan and Cathy, to fly at BMA. Marion’s total commitment to ACM has helped this ministry survive.

Today, with all of the winds of doctrine blowing in the Church, thousands are calling from all over the world for Spiritual food that is powerful, life-changing, Biblically solid, and genuinely Adventist in content. We are deeply committed to meeting their needs without compromise. 

A legitimate 501-c3 non-profit corporation, ACM strongly recommends supporting the work of the SDA Church but does provide tax-deductible receipts to those who wish to help support this unique ministry with their gifts other than tithe. To those who provide this much-needed support we make the following commitment: (A) Loyalty to the SDA Church and its pillars. (B) Loyalty to the Spirit of Prophecy. (C) The preaching of an urgent Christ-centered, Bible-based message. (D) Total financial responsibility to those providing support. There is no misappropriation or misuse of funds.

By God’s grace ACM has been an instrument of Biblical truth for over 40 years far and wide--here in the U.S. and countries including Africa, Canada, Norway, Germany, Denmark, England, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Netherlands, Jamaica, Brazil, Japan and beyond. And by God's grace this ministry will continue maintaining the integrity of the Three Angel's Messages until Jesus’ soon return.